AFRITAM provided support for the development of a SMART City Strategic Plan 2021-2026  to the Department of Information Systems, Kampala Capital City Authority in the financial year 2019/2020.

The services included;

  1. Review the vision and mission based on Department’s mandate;
  2. Review the Department’s past strategic plan and perform a situation analysis of operations to-date; 
  3. Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis using strategic Plan Development tools;
  4. Review the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, financial and administrative systems against the Department’s mandate, identified strategic objectives and Key Result Areas.  
  5. Identify the Strategic Initiatives/projects with clear and measurable impact on the objectives to which they are aligned with the SMART City Infrastructure.
  6. Identify strategic risks; develop a risk prioritization matrix covering identification, likelihood and mitigation of the risks, which would hamper the execution of the plan.
  7. Determine indicative budget for each specific Activity/project and/or initiative;
  8. Formulate M&E Framework for Implementation of the strategic Plan.
  9. Conduct stakeholder engagements through meetings and focused group discussions;
  10. Conduct a dissemination workshop (Retreat) for strategic plan validation and approval.
  11. Train the strategic plan committee members; and
  12. Finalize the SMART City Strategic plan and submit to the Department.