Strategic Consulting

AFRITAM provided support for the development of a SMART City Strategic Plan 2021-2026  to the Department of Information Systems for Kampala Capital City Authority in the financial year 2019/2020.

The services included reviewed the vision and mission of the Department; reviewed past strategic plan and perform a situation analysis; undertook a stakeholder mapping and analysis; reviewed the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, financial and administrative systems against the Department’s mandate, identified strategic objectives and Key Result Areas; identified the Strategic Initiatives/projects with clear and SMART objectives; identified strategic risks and developed a risk prioritization matrix; determined indicative budget for implementimng the strategy; formulated M&E Framework; held key stakeholder engagements through strategy design workshops; and facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the depatrtment. 

Occupational Health and Safety in the Banking Sector

Today, employers have a responsibility to protect the people within the workplace. The OHS training provides employers and employees with knowledge and skills to handle potentially hazardous situations. A Health and Safety trained and experienced professional is becoming a sought-after commodity, as there is currently a lack of this critical skill on the continent and global market. The objective of the program was to enhance the participants’ skills to create a safe, healthy and prepared environment for all.

The participants gained skills, knowledge and practical experience in occupational health, safety and first aid. The course was taught by AFRITAM OSHA experts and used a mix of learning methods, including presentations, hands-on exercises and group projects.

Our customized course in Occupational Health and Safety in the Banking Sector attracted participants from the region and some of our participants came from Kenya's central Bank and Uganda Central Bank