AFRITAM provided support for the development of a SMART City Strategic Plan 2021-2026  to the Department of Information Systems, Kampala Capital City Authority in the financial year 2019/2020.

The services included;

  1. Review the vision and mission based on Department’s mandate;
  2. Review the Department’s past strategic plan and perform a situation analysis of operations to-date; 
  3. Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis using strategic Plan Development tools;
  4. Review the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, financial and administrative systems against the Department’s mandate, identified strategic objectives and Key Result Areas.  
  5. Identify the Strategic Initiatives/projects with clear and measurable impact on the objectives to which they are aligned with the SMART City Infrastructure.
  6. Identify strategic risks; develop a risk prioritization matrix covering identification, likelihood and mitigation of the risks, which would hamper the execution of the plan.
  7. Determine indicative budget for each specific Activity/project and/or initiative;
  8. Formulate M&E Framework for Implementation of the strategic Plan.
  9. Conduct stakeholder engagements through meetings and focused group discussions;
  10. Conduct a dissemination workshop (Retreat) for strategic plan validation and approval.
  11. Train the strategic plan committee members; and
  12. Finalize the SMART City Strategic plan and submit to the Department.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Banking Sector

We conducted a customized course in Occupational Health and Safety in the Banking Sector. 

Mr. Musitya Joseph from the Central Bank of Kenya, being awarded the certificate for successful participation and completion of the course