Course Code : SK003
Course Date : 2023-08-14
Course Venue : AFRITAM
Number of Days : 5

Course Brief

The Web Design and Development course is designed to provide hands-on, comprehensive training for those who desire to work in the field of web-centric business application development. Students will apply human interface guidelines, standard based structures, and design and development principles to create accessible, usable, and captivating web experiences geared to today's marketplace. This course is for any individuals wishing to develop a web-site including, professional designers familiar with Desktop Publishing or Graphics software needing to get to grips with powerful web design tools. The course takes users from building basic web-sites - working with text, paragraphs and tables - to build a multi-frame layout. The key areas of focus include; - • Introduction to the Web Design • Web Development Tools & Web Design Concepts • Responsive Design • Designing Web Page, an introduction to Dreamweaver • Introduction to HTML, CSS, Testing and Validation, SEO & Publishing a Site • Other Technologies including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
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