Research Services

Research is a fundamental activity to many projects. It provides an opportunity to explore new ideas and to provide a basis for new projects. We regularly undertake research projects for a variety of clients from the community sector to public sector to private. Some of the tools and methods we draw on includes literature reviews, surveying, interviews, focus groups, online surveys, Hall Tests, observations and network mapping.

We have developed expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research approaches in both market and social research agendas.

We employ the following services;

  • Baseline Studies and Follow up assessments;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Media access and Information needs;
  • Awareness and Image;
  • Behavior and Attitudes;
  • Usage and Attitude;
  • Retail Mapping/Census;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Staff satisfaction;
  • Product Testing; and
  • Trade Research

Other services under our Research portfolio include;

  • Program/project design
  • Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Program/Project Evaluation
  • Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA)


Baselines, Midterm and end of project reviews, M&E Capacity Development and Systems Design

  • Facilitate CLA
  • Documentation of stories of change and impact.


High quality, time bound and cost effective data services including;-

  • Data Entry services
  • Data Processing and
  • Data Analysis and Reporting


Our research includes Qualitative, Quantitative studies and Survey Management

  • Social Research
  • Market Research
  • Data collection & Surveys.
  • Baseline Studys

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