Consulting Services

ISO Certification


Our ISO Consultancy services involve full turnkey assistance in the development and implementation of several ISO standards. AFRITAM provides expert guidance, a dedicated and experienced team, and years of knowledge to ensure our clients receive the desired certifications.
Examples of standards AFRITAM commonly helps organizations get certified to:

  1. ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.
  2. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.
  3. ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

We offer clients services including but not limited to:

  • Transition: We help your organization meet changing standard requirements.
  • Integrated Management Systems: We build a single comprehensive framework that includes all of an organizations systems and processes.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: We help Identify the safety requirements associated with your business organization and facilitate compliance.
  • Gap Analysis: We conduct Gap Analysis to assess how you comply with any given Standard and details on the Gaps you should work on.
  • Internal Audits and Auditor Training: We review your business system to make sure it is working properly and in conformity before you are assessed by the certification body.

Our experience and proven approach can be demonstrated with our solid track record that has seen 100% of our clients attain their business objectives.

Consulting Services

AFRITAM is a trusted consulting partner to organizations of all sizes from small to start-ups to medium, large enterprises.

AFRITAM helps organizations align their strategic ojectives with day-to-day business and operational goals.

AFRITAM works with organizations across various Industries and sectors. Our consulting services focus on the following areas

  • Strategic Management
  • ICT and Software Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Bid Management Services
  • Capacity Building and Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Project Management
  • Team Building and Staff Retreats
  • Contract Management services
  • Risk Management


Strategic Management Consulting

Turning vision into success. Strategies and appropriate projects and measures can only be defined when a vision has been clearly formulated. Strategy development and implementation is the basis for structural and cultural enhancement and helps your company to only focus on the right projects.

Successful startups and companies have clear strategies to pursue their goals consistently. This is possible with careful consideration of management issues, actions, strategies, and the involvement of all stakeholders and employees based on their power and degree of intensity.

AFRITAM will assist you in your strategy processes with our broad spectrum of technical competence and experience from the development to consistent implementation of your strategy.

  • Strategy consulting for the definition of the vision, the development and implementation of the corresponding strategy
  • Moderation of strategy development, facilitating and controlling meetings
  • Accompanying change management

Custom Content and Curriculum Design and Development

AFRITAM a variety of available training courses, scheduled as per our training calendar. When our courses do not fit your unique learning objectives, a customized training solution or curriculum may be the best solution. Customized content increases the impact of learning when it incorporates your organizational mission, processes, vocabulary, scenarios, and case studies into the training experience. We can help you determine how best to implement a customized solution to align your workforce capabilities and organizational performance expectations. We customize a training solution incorporated with a live client scenario or challenge to enable the learners to learn and practice in real life so they can easily apply the concepts after the training.

A trainer of trainers is conducted to build the capacity of your staff to conduct the training for trainers

Business Support Services

We provide business advisory services to our clients to help them focus on the core business while they take advantage of our expertise. Our Business Support services include;

  • Developing Business Plans
  • Accounting and Book Keeping on continuing and Adhoc Basis as and when required;
  • Payroll Processing and Administration including filing of statutory returns;
  • Training in Accounting Packages; and
  • Tax planning, filing and management for individuals, corporations and partnerships.

Building Effective Teams

Getting a group of people together does not make a “TEAM. ” A team develops products and services that are the result of the team ’s collective effort and involves synergy.

The essence of team building is to bring a group of individuals together to form a strong unit that ’s willing to stay connected and work in unison to achieve particular goals. Like a chain , a team is only as strong as it weakest link!

The beauty of a team is in its differences; some people are good with words while others are good with their hands; some are creative while others are logical ; shy/timid people can become surprisingly daring while the more dominant characters show their softer sides!

Individuals are divided into smaller teams to learn the basics of communication and teamwork. At the end of the process each team learns the following among others:

  • What a team is
  • Characteristics of a team
  • Difference between a team and a group
  • Fundamentals of team effectiveness
  • Discover how competition plays a role in the way a team works
  • Discover how tactics help a team adhere to a strategy
  • Improve understanding of leadership in a team environment
  • Increase knowledge of your team process
  • Learn how pressure stimulates teamwork
  • Understand how synergy is nurtured for team success

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