Your Evaluation, Managed by our Experts. We offer:

  • Mid-term (formative);
  • Final (summative) evaluation types;
  • Experimental;
  • Quasi-experimental; and
  • Non-experimental designs.

We offer high-quality and participatory evaluations using

  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches,
  • Including the design, implementation, and analysis of instruments such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

We are experienced in a wide variety of evaluations:,

  • Including Needs assessments;
  • Process Evaluations;
  • Outcome or Performance evaluations; and
  • Impact evaluations.

We regularly undertake monitoring and evaluation of projects for a variety of clients from the community sector to public sector to private. Some of the tools and methods we draw on includes desk reviews, surveys, interviews, focus groups discussions, Telephone/online surveys, Hall Tests, observations and network mapping.

“AFRITAM, we support NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, Institutions, Associations and Governments to  Monitor and Evaluate their Projects, Programs and Performance