Strategy and consulting services

Strategy consultants are regularly brought in to support the design of vision and mission statements, the development of strategic plans, and the setup of implementation roadmaps (which outline activities and resources required to implement the plans)

However, at AFRITAM, we found out that companies need help in the following areas.

1.     Strategy Consulting

This is one of the most critical forms of business consulting iswhere our consultants act as advisors to your company in the sense of helping the organization to create and follow a long-term blueprint or strategic plan. Such a plan helps to establish the direction that your company will take in the long-term, along with creating a map that defines the direction that your company will take in the short-term in order to fulfill all long-term goals.

2.     Business Consulting

Business consulting is a form of corporate consulting where our specialists assist you with optimizing internal workflow and the internal inner workings of the business as a whole, including:

o   Hierarchy: The manner in which a business operates includes the management & executive hierarchy. Optimizing and tweaking the business hierarchy can help to effectively streamline how teams work, which can positively alter how the business operates.

o   Structure: The business structure of an enterprise can be optimized so that every department is working at full capacity.

o   Organization: Our business consultant will help an enterprise optimize its organization, which includes both macro-level organizational factors and micro-level organizational factors (e.g. how different teams within specific departments are organized, and how teams carry out workflows within the business ecosystem).

o   Teams: Our business consultant will suggest that more teams within a department be created, or that some teams be dismantled.

o   Business environment: Our business consultant will help your business to draft a code of ethics.

3. Financial Consulting

Our financial consultants often work with your company’s CFO and/or a strategic consultant to help the business align its financial goals (e.g. profit margins, overhead, spending habits, ROI, etc.) with all tactical short-term goals, and strategic long-term goals.

4. Information Technology Consulting

Our IT consultants include a vast array of experts that work within many different areas, all of which may help a business better leverage their IT infrastructure. Typically, IT consultants are split into two groups:

a.     Upgrading/Change: These consultants are concerned with IT change management, and work with changing the IT systems of your business. This includes upgrading to cloud systems, migrating data, replacing legacy systems, and more.

b.     Non-upgrading/Maintenance: Other IT consultants are, broadly speaking, not associated with changing the IT infrastructure of the business, but are usually hired to optimize existing systems in some way. This includes software engineers, security testers, and technicians.

5. Management Consulting

Management consulting includes a robust set of practices whose purpose is to optimize how senior personnel manage teams, projects, and departments on a day-to-day basis.

6. Sales Consulting

Our Sales consultants can help your business optimize a company’s internal sales pipelines, and can also present to a company novel ways for optimizing the entire sales/marketing system that a company utilizes to convert more leads into customers.

7. Marketing Consulting

Marketing consultants are effective thought-leaders and experts who can help your business radically revolutionize the marketing pipeline and systems.