Change management and implementation

Change management is the process of systematically managing how well employees accept and adopt organizational changes. It’s about ensuring your employees buy into and champion the changes your business makes. 

Research has shown that if your organization has excellent change management chops, you are six times more likely to meet your objectives. It is one of the key predictors of success and it affects your employees.

However, at AFRITAM we focus on 3 critical phases of change management

1. Prepare for change

In the first phase of change management, we will lay the groundwork for your entire change management plan. During this phase, we’ll develop a situational awareness, identify potential challenges with leadership, and perform an impact assessment. 

2. Manage change

 Once you have your strategy developed, you can create and implement plans to support your overall strategy. 

3. Reinforce change

The final phase of change management takes place after you implement your changes. This phase ensures your organization maintains the changes and you get the results you expect. 

In this phase, you’ll measure and reinforce behavior changes, correcting any gaps that arise.

However we shall help you implement change management through the following ways

  • By transformational leaderships
  • By use of group forces
  • By providing a rationale for change
  • By participation
  • By sharing rewards
  • By ensuring employee security
  • By communication and education
  • By stimulating employee readiness