Enterprise Project Management

Large enterprise organizations typically run multiple complex projects simultaneously. Although these projects do not necessarily seem connected, they all impact the same enterprise organization. Enterprise project management (EPM) refers to the practice of managing projects on a companywide scale. It generally involves implementing strategies and processes to streamline and improve the effectiveness of project management on a large scale

At AFRITAM, we focus on your organization, prioritizing and highlighting your business goals, managing and grouping projects to ensure they meet those broader company objectives.

This will enable your organization benefit the following;

·       Higher-quality output

·       Improved productivity

·       Reduced impact of skills shortage

·       Reduced project risks

·       Enhanced reliability of delivery

AFRITAM also helps you implement the Enterprise Project Management since focuses on the organization’s core mission and strategic objectives, implementation of an EPM system begins with a thorough look at the company’s existing projects and organizational culture. After all, EPM will require adaptability and openness to change.